Wednesday, December 1

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According to an article written by Kathleen Doheny on WebMD, "15 Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore", this is a list of types of cancers that are most likely to be ignored by women.
No. 1: Unexplained Weight Loss
No. 2: Bloating
No. 3: Breast Changes
No. 4: Between-Period Bleeding or Other Unusual Bleeding
No. 5: Skin Changes
No. 6: Difficulty Swallowing
No. 7: Blood in the Wrong Place
No. 8: Gnawing Abdominal Pain and Depression
No. 9: Indigestion
No. 10: Mouth Changes
No. 11: Pain
No. 12: Changes in the Lymph Nodes
No. 13: Fever
No. 14: Fatigue
No. 15: Persistent Cough

Monday, November 15

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As a College Career Fair participant, Theracorp is always happy to assist. If you or your friends know of any colleges or universities you would like us to recruit in contact us today...

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Wednesday, October 20


You all remember the Children's Tylenol medication recalled recently that took the medication completely of the market indefinitely? Well it happened again; this time, with the adult Tylenol medication. Complaints of a musty and moldy odor the company claims was possibly due to the presence of a chemical called 2, 4, 6-tribromoanisole, led to the recall of 127,728 bottles of Tylenol. What's more, CNNMoney confirmed Tuesday that the adult Tylenol was made at the same shuttered Fort Washington plant that produced all of the Johnson & Johnson's problematic children's Tylenol medicines.

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Wednesday, July 28

Therapist advice of the week!

"2-3 minute stretching exercises every 2 hours is recommended while working at a stationary location" Says Occupational Therapist, Marcela Grajales. "Stretching avoids muscle spasms and decreases tiredness; it improves blood circulation and helps you become more aware of your body and your body's signs for help."

Wednesday, July 21

Physical Therapy from a Physical Therapists

As a physical therapist, one is trained to identify deficiencies in the biomechanics of the body; they can plan treatment goals for their patients and focus their efforts on improving their patients' quality of life. Physical therapy is an important part of recovery and surgical rehabilitation.

"A person should seek Physical Therapy during Post Surgery, after a fall accident, and after being diagnosed with a serious illness such as, pulmonary infection or disease, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis",says one of our proud staff members.

Did you know that Physical Therapy can help improve the quality of life for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)?

COPD is a serious lung disease that over time makes it hard for a person to breathe. Physical therapist treatment includes breathing and exercises such as diaphragmatic breathing, pursed-lip breathing, and breathing combined with trunk movement along with physical activity to help patients with COPD when they feel short of breath. Exercise training for patients with COPD often includes aerobic exercises, such as walking or using a stationary bike, and muscle-strengthening exercises for arms and legs.
"The goal of physical therapist treatment of COPD is to help people manage their illness and prevent the need for hospitalization," said Donna Frownfelter, PT, DPT, MA, CCS,FCCP, RRT, program director and assistant professor of physical therapy at the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science/The College of Health Professions in North Chicago, Illinois.

News Update for PT Students Overseas

FSBPT has suspended NPTE Examination for all graduates of certain overseas programs

Due to ongoing security breaches by a number of graduates of physical therapy schools from specific foreign countries, FSBPT will suspend National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) testing for all graduates of schools located in those countries. A new and secure exam called NPTE-YRLY is being developed for those graduates of physical therapy schools affected (Egypt, India, Pakistan and the Philippines).

The Federation’s website at will be available for candidates who have questions regarding this matter. You can also email or for the Individuals without Internet access the Federation contact number is 703.739.9420.

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Thursday, July 8

"When you love your job, you do it well"

We live in very hard economical times and finding the right job isn't always easy. Employers that offer good pay often require more than you can handle. It's not always easy to find a job that you both love and that pays good. Don't let work become an obligation to survive and join us.